Customer Comments

The Beacon Learning Center has provided professional development for over 3000 teachers in 52 different school districts across Florida. Below are testimonials from several of these teachers that emphasizes the importance and quality of the workshops.

  • "All teachers in Florida should take this workshop! The SSS are well known to teachers, but the process is not."

  • "I learned not only about Beacon, but also more about technology and about sites to help me in my subject area. I learned how to better align my lessons to the SSS. I learned how to better think through my assessment strategies."

  • "The standards-based planning approach has helped me do a better job of instructing and assessing the SSS (Sunshine State Standards) in my own classroom. I feel my lessons are more aligned and that my assessment matches the instruction more now than it ever has."

  • "I enjoyed the ALERT workshop and I hope you keep doing it. It made me see my lesson planning in a different light."

  • "Our District is trying look at FCAT Standards in a new light. We are trying to look at lesson plans from a Standards base. The training this summer has put me way ahead of most of the other teachers."

  • "Thank you so much for helping a 'veteran' teacher refocus, take a deep breath, and know that it was really going to be all right!!"

  • "I am in the process of writing a unit and this form of staff development has been invaluable to me as I prepare the unit and lesson plans."

  • "I am much more aware of starting with the end in mind on how my lessons, especially the assessment, will fit the standards."

  • "I fell in love with Beacon and would love to become a trainer for this area. I think the idea of focusing in on the verbiage of the standards is the most useful information I've received in a long time!"

  • "I hope the Beacon Learning Center stays around a long time. Best inservice I've ever been to. Thanks!!"