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The Modules:

The following gives a brief description of each of the modules and a recommended sequence through the modules.

Examine the standards-based planning process and explore why many educators find using the planning process valuable when implementing the state standards. This module contains a diagnostic test which Beacon recommends you take in order to determine your current proficiency in standards-based planning. 

Investigate the process of standards-based curriculum development. The guiding question throughout this process is, "How can educators identify what a student should know and be able to do?"

Discover the many aspects of assessment within standards-based planning. Explore why it is important to develop specific assessment criteria, match the assessment method to the curriculum and recognize validity.

Investigate instructional design within standards-based planning. Explore strategies for developing challenging, meaningful, and relevant instruction that supports state standards.

Use the CAI Planning Tool to complete the Lesson Plan Template and submit your lesson plan for publication on the Web.

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