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   Lesson Plans - Learner Level 4: Theater

  • Circular Motion and Introduction to Relativity (Authored by Robert Rosen.)

  • Subject(s): Science, Theater (Grade 9 - Grade 12)
    Description: Students work cooperatively to view, demonstrate, and understand the importance of frame of reference. They present a short skit, based on the information from their research, that describes a trip to a nearby solar system.

  • Periodic Table Families (Authored by Melanie Fraser.)

  • Subject(s): Science, Theater (Grade 9 - Grade 12)
    Description: Students investigate chemical and physical properties within families or groups of the periodic table. They create and perform plays for younger students in which the dialogue and costumes accurately represent these properties.

  • Was Goldilocks Innocent or Guilty? (Authored by Patti Cogburn.)

  • Subject(s): Language Arts, Theater (Grade 9 - Grade 12)
    Description: After reading any play, short story, or novel that revolves around a trial, for example, [Witness for the Prosecution], the student will act out a role in a mock fairy tale trial. This is the second lesson in a series.

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