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   Lesson Plans - Learner Level 1: Visual Arts

  • Class Quilt (Authored by Joy Whithaus.)

  • Subject(s): Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts (Kindergarten - Grade 2)
    Description: This activity will promote acceptance of diversity within the classroom through the creation of a class quilt. Students will evaluate the final product to find commonalities with other students.

  • Drawing with Scissors like Matisse (Authored by Belinda Brown.)

  • Subject(s): Visual Arts (Kindergarten - Grade 2)
    Description: Snip colorful pieces of paper into a cut-work creation that expresses something you love or makes your heart happy. Use the style of drawing with scissors like Matisse to design a colorful cut-work masterpiece that reflects your personality.

  • Pop into My Community (Authored by Julie McBride.)

  • Subject(s): Visual Arts (Kindergarten - Grade 2)
    Description: An intro to shapes, architecture, and depth in art. Students distinguish cityscapes from seascapes & landscapes and explore the features of a community. Then, they create a pop-up paper city showing foreground, middleground, and background

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