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Growing Patience

Leslie Gortemoller
Bay District Schools


This lesson is a wonderful way to incorporate learning the virtue of patience while developing the knowledge of how things grow. Be prepared to spark your students' interest as they view the growth of a plant.


The student knows ways organisms change as they grow and mature (for example, as people grow up their size changes).


-[The Carrot Seed] by: Ruth Krauss, HarperCollins Publishers, Mexico, 1945
-1 Ziploc bag for each group
-1 Lima bean for each group
-1 Moistened paper towel for each group
-Paper for journal entries
--I Care- Curriculum
-6 Block Framework


1. Gather materials for activities
2. Obtain the book [The Carrot Seed] by: Ruth Krauss
3. Have prior knowledge of book.
4. Create journals for students' documentation


1. Greet the students and present the book [The Carrot Seed].

2. Discuss what they think the story will be about. Ask the following questions:
- What do you think the little boy will learn in the story?
- Patience is a big word. Does anyone know what it means?
- How could the little boy be patient?

3. Begin reading the story, allowing students to see illustrations.

4. After reading aloud, discuss the following questions:
- What was the little boy’s problem in the story?
- Do we have to be patient sometimes? How do we have to be patient at school or home?

5. Explain that we will be learning about patience by watching a lima bean grow into a plant.

6. Divide students into groups.

7. Establish group leaders who will be reporting the group’s discoveries.

8. Pass out group’s materials (Ziploc bags, lima beans, and moistened paper towels).

9. Instruct group leaders to put the moistened paper towel and lima bean in the ziploc bag and close the bag.

10. Explain that we will watch and record how our bean changes each day this week. We will practice using patience during this process.

11. Take up lima bean bags and store them in an appropriate area.

12. Pass out journal pages to record students’ data.

13. Throughout this week, the teacher provides opportunities for students to observe the lima bean’s growth and record their findings.

14. Collect the students’ journal entries at the close of the week. These entries will serve as an assessment of the students’ accumulated data.


-The students’ journal entries will show that they have observed and documented the physical changes that occurred in the bean. Students will write a sentence or draw a picture in their journals that indicates they know why the changes are taking place (i.e. the bean is growing into a plant to make more beans).
-Observation of the character trait, patience, as students observe the seed each day.
-Class discussion.


1. Display knowledge of I Care Rule #2: “Hands are for helping, not hurting.”
2. This lesson compliments the read aloud block of the 6 Block Framework.
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