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Dream House

Amy Gunn


This lesson should be used as a culmination to a unit on perimeter and area. . Students use scale drawings to solve real world problems problems involving perimeter and area.


The student solves real-world or mathematical problems involving perimeter or area and how these are affected by changes in the dimensions of the figure.

The student uses scale drawings to solve real-world problems including distance (as in map reading).


-Grid paper
-Student worksheet included in file attachment
-Coloring Pencils (optional)
-Teacher page included in file attachment


1. Print sheets found in Associated File.
2. Copy student worksheet and assessment page
3. Gather rulers
4. Gather colored pencils (optional)
5. Review lesson


Prior to reviewing the procedures, look at the sheets in the
Associated File.
1: Review lesson.

2: Review perimeter and area with students.

3: Pass out student worksheets.

4: Read over assignment with students on worksheet 1

5: Complete example on teacher page with students.

6: Answer any questions which student may have regarding assignment.

7: Students should complete assignment.

8: After worksheets are complete, assess and review with the student. Student may redo by using comments from the teacher and turn in assignment for final assessment. (There is a place on the assessment sheet for 2 reviews if needed.)


Summative Assessment is used with the assessment sheet attached.


If students need further development or review in the area of perimeter, Beacon Learning Center Student Web Lessons -Adam Ant- and -Fence Me In- are good basic review and reteach tools. The addresses are found in Weblinks.

Web Links

Web supplement for Dream House
Adam Ant

Web supplement for Dream House
Fence Me In

Attached Files

Student and teacher work pages and an assessment page.     File Extension: pdf

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