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Angle Aerobics

Amy Gunn


This lesson introduces students to names of angles. It provides an action activity and then a follow up worksheet to assess.


The student identifies and names angles according to their measure (including acute, right, obtuse, straight).


-Worksheets provided in attached file
-Teacher notes included in attached file
-Music and player (optional)
-Individual dry erase boards or answer cards (optional)
-Token prize for aerobics game


1. Print file attached.
2. Read over Teacher page.
3. Make copies of worksheets.
4. Set up music (optional)
5. Prepare individual dry erase boards or answer cards (optional)


Step 1: Review all worksheets and instructions. Be familiar with lesson.

Step 1: Pass out the worksheet.

Step2: Read it aloud with your students.

Step 3: Demonstrate the angles listed with your hands and allow students time to illustrate these in the appropriate spaces on their instruction sheet. While demonstrating discuss that Right angles = 90 degrees, acute angles are less than 90 degrees, obtuse angles are larger than 90 degrees, and straight angles = 180 degrees. You may also have students write that under the name of the angle on their worksheet.

Step 4: Have students stand and make sure that they have room to move around. Tell them this is a practice session. Call out the names of angles and have students demonstrate with their hands (they can use their drawings as guides). Go through each angle at least twice. Then ask students if they are ready to begin the aerobics session.

Step 5: Explain to students that you will play some music (get this ready ahead of time; this is good to get students involved) to get the aerobics started. Students will then follow your lead. You will be demonstrating (like an aerobics class). I suggest adding in some walk-in-place, stretches, etc, in order to keep students alert and listening for angle names. This also makes it fun. Remind students that they must sit down after missing one angle. Start slowly and speed up the pace as the numbers of standing students decreases. When you have only one student left, give out the prize. Ask for questions then repeat for rounds 2 and 3.

Step 6: After these 3 rounds of angle aerobics, review angles on the board. Draw the different types of angles and have students name them. If you use small individual dry erase boards, you may also name the angles and have students draw them and hold them up. Another variation would be to use answer cards with the names of the angles and when you draw them, have students hold up the answer card which expresses the correct name of the angle.

Step 7: Complete worksheet 2


Formative assessment occurs during the teaching session with the aerobics and practice period that follows. During this time, the teacher observes student responses for accuracy in identifying and naming the angles. Responses on worksheet 1 provide formative information for the teacher and student. Reteaching occurs as needed.

When students have grasped the concept as exhibited in the practice session, then students complete worksheet 2 for summative assessment.

This worksheet allows for percent of accuracy to be noted beside the standard listed at the bottom.

Attached Files

A teacher page and 2 student worksheet pages.     File Extension: pdf

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