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Linking Up the Food Chain

Jane Seevers


After listening to the book [Life in a Pond], students discuss the food chain and create a food chain mobile.


The student knows that plants and animals are dependent upon each other for survival.

The student develops vocabulary by discussing characters and events from a story.

The student uses strategies to comprehend text (for example, retelling, discussing, asking questions).

The student understands ways that animals obtain food from plants and other animals.


-Trumbauer, Lisa, [Life in a Pond]. Newbridge Educational Publishing,LLc 1996.
-Small paper plate for each child
-Four strips of white construction paper for each child, measuring 2 inches by 11 inches
-Art supplies: crayons, glue, scissors
chart paper
-Marker for writing


1. Cut white construction into strip measuring 2x11 inches
2. Collect materials for chart
3. Review and become familiar with the book [Life in a Pond].


1. Gather students together and read [Life in a Pond]. Discuss information found in the book. Ask questions such as: "Have you every been to a pond? What did you see there?"

2. Create a chart listing plants and animals that live in or near a pond. Use a shared writing approach letting the students tell you what to write.

3. Discuss the food chain using examples from the book or other logical suggestions the students might have.

4. Explain to the students that they are going to make a food chain mobile.

5. Have students color the paper plate yellow to represent the sun.

6. Distribute four strips of paper to each child. On one strip of paper students will draw and label a pond plant, on another a tadpole, on another a fish and on the last a person.

7. Tell the students they will make a chain out of the strips of paper to represent the food chain. They will glue the ends of the plant strip together to make a circle. It will be attached to the sun. The tadpole strip will be looped through the plant strip and glued , the fish strip will be looped through the tadpole strip and glued and finally the strip with the person on it will be looped through the fish strip and glued.

8. The food chain mobiles can be displayed in the classroom for further review later.


Through listening to and discussing the book, students will show responsibility and decision making skills as they communicate information and develop vocabulary.

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