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Rock Concert

Kathy Lewis
Bay District Schools


Students create a product (song, skit, poem, etc.) that describes the three major types of rocks and how they are formed. Then, they present their product during a class "rock concert".


The student understands the action of the ground water to form aquifers, caverns, and sinkholes.


-Copies of poems, songs
-Samples of different types of music
-CD or tape player
-Construction paper
-Poster Board
-Resource books on rocks
-Entertainment magazines


1. Run copies of planning sheet and rubric.


Day 1
1. Introduce the activity by putting up notices about a Rock Concert to be held in your classroom. You might want to dress up like a "rocker" or bring props such as musical instruments, CD's, music, etc.

2. Explain to students that they are to design a product to present to the class that will be entertaining and include information that identifies the three major rock groups and explains how they are formed.

3. Review the three major rock groups and how they are formed.

4. Brainstorm products that can be designed. Some examples may be:
Skits T.V. Shows Songs Poems
Games Plays Dance Rap

5. Depending upon your preference, assign or let students move into cooperative groups of three. Pass out the planning guide and assessment rubric. Discuss expectations for product.

6. Students should brainstorm for several minutes and decide on a product to present.

7. Have students fill out the planning sheet. When they are finished have all the students in the group raise their hand to signal to you that they are ready for you to approve their plan.

8. Upon approval, students can begin to design the product. It will usually take a couple
of days.

9. Monitor and assist students as needed.


Assess the students' planning sheet and presentation. A rubric will be used to assess: 1. information mastery 2. cooperative learning skills 3. presentation of product. The presentation should show the student understands how these rocks are formed and categorized: sedimentary igneous metamorphic
Formatively assess students and offer feedback as necessary throughout the lesson as students are working.

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