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Frank Oo Berry Mush

Alicia Floyd
Santa Rosa District Schools


-Frank Oo Berry Mush- provides students practice in writing, incorporating reasons to support ideas and responding constructively to other's comments.


The student uses strategies to support ideas in writing (including but not limited to using several sentences to elaborate upon an idea; using specific word choice and relevant details such as reasons or examples).

The student evaluates own and other's writing (for example, determining how own writing achieves its purposes, asking questions, making comments, responding constructively to other's comments, helping classmates apply conventions).


-DOCTOR DE SOTO, William Steig, 1982, New York, Scholastic Inc., ISBN0-590-41462-3
-Paper and pencils for each student
-One copy per student of the attached file (two pages): -Doctor De Soto Word Search- and grading scale
-Small slips of note paper (at least one per student)


1. Explore Internet sites listed and become familiar with the contents.
2. Make a copy of attached file for each student.
3. Cut or have available small pieces of note paper (at least one per student)
4. Make a copy of the grading scale 1 one per student (see attachment)


1. Read aloud DOCTOR DE SOTO.
2. Discuss the main characters (Doctor De Soto, Mrs. De Soto, the fox) Write these names on the board.
3. Have students choose one of the characters that they would want for a friend and have them write that name at the top of their paper.
4. Reread the part where Doctor De Soto gives the fox the -first unique treatment- and discuss how the fox might have felt with his teeth stuck together. Suggest that it was very difficult for the fox to talk with his teeth stuck together.
5. Discuss other ways of communication. Write these on the board. Suggest that writing is one of the most useful ways when you canít actually talk to someone in person.
6. Explain to students that they will participate in an activity in which they will pretend that their teeth are stuck together and they can't talk! Any time during the activity that students need to ask the teacher a question, they must write it on a slip of note paper.
7. Tell students the first step is to write a main idea sentence that gives at least one good reason why they chose that character for a friend, and three more sentences to elaborate on their choice. (Example: -I chose this character because...-) Remind them there is to be NO TALKING! When they have completed this first step, assign partners for students to exchange papers with.
8. Step two: students then read their partners papers and write one good comment about what their partner wrote. Remind students these should all be written as comments not questions. (Example: -I liked your choice because...- or -I agree with your choice because...-)
9. Step three: papers are passed back and students respond to their partners comment with a question. (Example: -Did you choose the same character?- or -Do you have another reason this character would be a good friend?- or -Would another character make a better friend?-
10. Step four: papers are then passed back to partners for them to write their answer to the question asked. STILL NO TALKING
11. Step five: papers are returned for the last time.
12. Allow time for students to respond to the activity. Ask if they liked having to communicate without talking? Discuss why writing is such an important way to communicate.
13. If time allows, share some of the papers aloud.


Use the following scale to assess students:

___ Yes ___ No 1. Cooperates with partner
___ Yes ___ No 2. Writes one good reason for choice of friend from the book Doctor De Soto
___ Yes ___ No 3. Writes at least three sentences to elaborate on choice of friend.
___ Yes ___ No 4. Writes at least one good comment when responding constructively to otherís comments.
___ Yes ___ No 5. Writes one good response question.
___ Yes ___ No 6. All sentences are relevant

5-6 Excellent 3-4 Satisfactory 1-2 Needs Improvement
0 Unsatisfactory


Students work on the word search puzzle while groups are rotated through Internet site: -Dr. Rabbitís No Cavities Clubhouse-.

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