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Going Whole Hog

Cindy Beckham
Santa Rosa District Schools


To reinforce skills in comparing fractions, students play a game in which they compare fractions and represent the fractions on a graph.


The student compares and orders fractions and decimals using graphic models, number lines, and symbols.


-Ten squrares (10 cm by 10 cm) of paper per every two students (For a class of 30, you would need 150 squares of paper.)
-A HOG worksheet (see attached file) 1per student
-Colored pencils or crayons for each student


1.Make a copy of the grided HOG for each student.
2. For each pair of students cut ten squares of paper or use index cards. On the squares of paper, write the following fractions ( 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 2/6, 1/10, 3/10, 1/15, 2/15, 1/60, and 7/60).
3. The day before the activity instruct students to bring crayons or colored pencils to class.


1. After completing lessons on comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions, announce to the students that today we are -Going Whole Hog.-
2. Arrange the students in pairs: high performing students with middle performing students and middle performing students with low performing students.
3. Put the fraction cards in a stack face down.
4. Each student in the pair draws a fraction card.
5. The student with the larger fraction, colors that fractional part of his/her HOG. The students are to color each fraction in a different color each time and indicate on their paper the fraction that corresponds to the colored area. A good way of doing this is to have the students write the fraction at the bottom of the worksheet in the same color as the shaded region it represents.
6. Place both cards to the side of the playing area.
7. Draw two more cards and play as before.
8. If a player with the larger fraction cannot color the fractional part shown on the card, then the students must put both cards aside and draw two more cards.
9. Continue playing until one person has colored the whole HOG. If the students run out of cards before one of the players fills his/her HOG, then shuffle the cards and continue to play until one of the students fills in the HOG. That person is the winner, and the activity is completed.


The HOG worksheet is the assessment. The students should correctly color in the appropriate part of the HOG for the fractions indicated. The fraction should be written in the same color as the part shaded to represent that fraction. Example: The teacher can check to make sure the fraction written in red matches the region shaded in red. To figure the point system on this activity, the teacher would have to count how many fractions it took to complete the activity. The number of fractions used per student would probably be different. Compute each student's grade based on how many fractions were used on the worksheet.

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