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See What You Can Find

Kim Auerbach


Students must locate and record examples of acute, right, obtuse and straight angles found within a classroom.


The student identifies and names angles according to their measure (including acute, right, obtuse, straight).


-Paper and Pencil
-Protractor (if measuring angles)


1. Find one example of each type of angle located in classroom. Try to find unusual, creative examples to share with students after hearing their responses.


1. After introducing and discussing acute, right, obtuse and straight angles tell students they are going on a -Scavenger Hunt.-
2. First, students need to fold a sheet of notebook paper into fourths.
3. Label each section with a different type of angle.
4. Under each heading number 1,2,3,4, skipping lines between numbers.
5. Students are now ready to go -hunting.-
6. They must -visually- find (while staying seated) four examples of each type of angle. Students must write down the specific location of each angle as to its location in the classroom. (Example: acute angle- opening of the stapler on Mrs. Auerbach's desk)
7. Walk around the classroom and observe student progress in completing the activity. When most students seem to have finished, discuss results and post different solutions on the chalkboard.
8. Share teacher prepared list with students.


Test on indentifying angles


Choose four angles from chalkboard list and have students estimate the angle measurement. (acute and obtuse angles only) Have students measure the angles and make a comparision between the actual measurement and student estimates. See who was the most accurate.

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