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Puzzling Percents

Kim Auerbach


Students use twenty equivalent fraction, decimal, and percent facts to create a puzzle.


The student knows the relationships among fractions, decimals, and percents.


-Fraction-Decimal-Percent Sheet (1per student) attached file
-Blank -Puzzling Percent- sheet (1per student) attached file
-Example of a created puzzle made by teacher
-Scissors (1 per student)
-Small envelopes (1 per student)
-Calculators, optional (1 per student)


1. Make copies of the 20 Fraction Facts Activity Sheet and -Puzzling Percent- Sheet
2. Make answer key for Fraction Facts Sheet
3. Create an example of a puzzle to share with students
4. Collect scissors, stapler, and small envelopes


1. Students need prior knowledge on the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents. Conversion from one to another is a necessary skill.
2. Today, you're to create a puzzle made up of equivalent fractions, percents and decimals.
3. Students are given an activity sheet containing a list of 20 fractions that they must convert to an equivalent percent and decimal. (Calculators optional) After completion, teacher needs to make sure students have the correct equivalent facts.
4. Using the -Puzzling Percents- template, students will create a puzzle. They will use only 19 out of 20 facts from activity sheet.
Where hexagon shapes share a common side, place one fact and an equivalent fact on the other common side. (Students may choose to pair fractions with decmials, decimals with percents, or fractions with percents.)
5. After placing all 19 facts/equivalent facts on the puzzle, cut the ten pieces of the puzzle apart and place in a small envelope.
6. Place name on front of envelope.
7. Exchange puzzles with a student seated near by and solve each other's puzzle. (Students need to use critical thinking skills and their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percents to solve a puzzle. They should not use the completed fraction-percent-decimal activity sheet.)
8. At the end of the activity, staple envelope and activity sheet together to submit for grading purposes.


Completed Activity Sheet of 20 fraction facts is 50% of total grade, and completed Percent Puzzle is 50% of total grade.


1. Pair students together and have them time each other.
Compare time limits throughout classroom to see who solves a puzzle in the fastest time.
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