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The Human Body, Incorporated

Linda Kitner
Bay District Schools


Joe is the CEO of the Human Body, Incorporated. He is downsizing. The students research each body system and write a letter to Joe persuading him to keep specific body parts as employees.


The student reads and organizes information for a variety of purposes, including making a report, conducting interviews, taking a test, and performing an authentic task.

The student knows that the human body is made of systems with structures and functions that are related.


-Content tradebooks on three different reading levels in order to accomodate reading levels
-Books such as MAGIC SCHOOLBUS INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY by Johanna Cole, Scholastic
-Software such as, 'Magic Schoolbus Inside the Human Body', CD Rom


1. Gather as many tradebooks and appropriate media about the functions and systems of the human body as possible. Do not solely rely on the use of encyclopedias.

2. Prepare students for using the resource books with earlier instruction on how to use a table of contents and an index.

3. Review note-taking skills.

4. Cooperative learning formation and skills to function need to be taught. Be prepared to place students in groups of two for this lesson.

5. Persuasive letter writing skills must have been taught previously.


Inform the class that Joe, the CEO of Human Body, Inc. has decided to downsize. He is going to fire one of the major organs. The groups will need to write a letter explaining why their jobs are crucial to the smooth functioning of the corporation (Body). Students need to cite reasons why the corporation would fail if organs/systems were fired.

1. Divide the students into heterogenous, cooperative groups of two or three.

2. Assign each group a body system.

3. Each group will research the system using resources and media collected by the teacher in addition to resources available in the school media center.

4. Review the use of the Table of Contents and the index, then monitor and assist as needed.

*Remember to pair the students so that they can help each other.

5. Review notetaking skills when gathering information from what is read.

6. Review formal letter writing skills.

7. Demonstrate drawing and labeling the parts of the body systems.

8. Be sure that students can explain why an organ is important by using examples and non-examples as follows:

Non-example-The heart is important because without it you would die.

Example- The heart is important because it is the organ that pumps the blood to deliver the oxygen and food to all other parts of the body.

9. Each student will use the notes and facts learned from the group work to write a letter to Joe, the CEO of the Human Body, Incoporated.


Teacher observation is used to assess students for:

-reading for information
-using reference materials to gather information
-practicing notetaking skills
-organizing researched information into a letter
-working cooperatively in groups

The final draft of the letter to Joe should include the name of the system, the organ, and at least two ways that the organ is vital to the health of the Human Body, Inc.


This activity can be used as the assessment part of a unit of study on the human body. Pairing the students will help ESE students. Allowing for discussion and drawing information will support the visual learners in your classroom.
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