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St. Andrew Bay Story

Summer Zephyr
Bay District Schools


Students produce a front page newspaper story about St. Andrew Bay (Fl) after completing a field trip to St. Andrew State Park (Fl) and viewing two videos about the bay system. They will use a word processing computer program to complete the assignment.


The student understands the interconnectedness of the systems on Earth and the quality of life.

The student knows the various reasons that Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that appears to be capable of supporting life as we know it.

The student understands how the flow of energy through an ecosystem made up of producers, consumers, and decomposers carries out the processes of life and that some energy dissipates as heat and is not recycled.


-IBM computer
- Windows
-A word processing program such as Microsoft Word, or graphic art program such as Publisher
-Videos from District Media Center: The St. Andrew Bay Story 639.2, access# 814244 and Overview of Fishing in St. Andrew Bay,Fl 639.2, Access# 81585
-Colored ink


-Students need working knowledge of word processing program
-Prepare sample newspaper articles for student comparisons.
-Go over sample newspaper stories with student


1. Students take a field trip to St. Andrew State Park or take a walk along the bay on Beach Drive in Panama City. They will pick up sea shells and view other marine life. They will visit the turnpentine still at the state park and see the salt works at the little Confederate Memorial on St. Andrew Bay along Beach Drive mentioned in the video -St. Andrew Bay Story-.

2. They view the videos: St. Andrew Bay Story, and Overview of Fishing in St. Andrew Bay

3. Teacher uses socratic method of questioning to review them on concepts learned from videos and field trips.

4. In pairs, students will use Microsoft Publisher or Word processing program to produce a fictitional front page newspaper layout of life and events of Panama City, FL and the bay system. They will use the information gleaned from the two videos and their field trip experience.


Use Rubric and show sample product of your expectations.

Have them read/orally present their papers to the class
You may grade for spelling and grammar if you use this assignment in an English class; otherwise, you will just grade for content.


-Student shows how flow of energy through an ecosystem carries out processes of life in St. Andrew Bay system.

-Student shows that by observing conditions in the St. Andrew Bay system one can see how Earth is the only planet capable of supporting life in our solar system. (This might become an outdated theory shortly, though.)

-Student shows interconnectedness of animals in St. Andrew Bay System.
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