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Interior Designer for a Day

Kim Auerbach


Students will organize a 20 x 17 room with a given set of furniture pieces. Arrangement is to be based on maximum comfort and practicality.


The student solves and explains problems involving perimeter, area, and circumference.

The student constructs and uses scale drawings to recreate a given situation.


-Designing a Floor Plan Worksheets (1 set per student)
-Scissors (1 per student)
-Extra 20 x 17 grid (1 per student)
-Centimeter dot paper


1. Run off worksheets, extra 20 x 17 grids, and centimeter dot paper, 1 or more per student.
2. Have a classroom set of scissors


1. Today you're going to be an Interior Designer. But first, we need to review concepts of area for squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and circles.

2. Use the area of 20 square units. See how many different shapes students can make on centimeter dot paper, which would result in the specified area.

3. Students should discover the fact that there are "numerous" shapes, and 20 square units can be arranged in a variety of ways. Shapes do not have to be the traditional square, rectangle or triangle.

4. Now, you're going to use the same basic principles to design a family room with a specific list of funiture.

5. Read over worksheets with students so that they understand clearly what is expected.

6. Give students an extra 20 x 17 grid and extra centimeter dot paper. They can experiment with the dot paper to find a desired shape to represent the furniture pieces and then cut out the shapes using the extra 20x17 grid. It will be easier for students to arrange and rearrange their pieces, before deciding on a permanent position using this method.


Assessment is based on the "Grading Criteria" located on the Project Information Sheet.


Students may color their final product.

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