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Our Body Systems

Shelia Scofield
Bay District Schools


Students demonstrate learned knowledge that the human body is made up of different systems whose functions are related.


The student knows that the human body is made of systems with structures and functions that are related.

The student understands the functions of the human body systems.


-Multimedia computer with CD rom

-Butcher block paper

-Software such as School House Rock Software Series, Science Rock from Educational Resources

-Books such as The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Human Body, Scholastic, New York, 1994.


-Become familiar with Science Rock and the different body systems covered in the SchoolHouse Rock Health Clinic Game or other software to cover this skill.

If no software is available, make a matching card game where students will match the body system with the job.


1 Read a book to students like The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Human Body.

2. Using an overhead projector, draw a web with the human body in the center. Brainstorm with students the names of the different body systems that make up the human body and the jobs each of these systems are responsible for working. (This will help students spell the body systems correctly and identify the actual words.)

3. Using the presenter, play The SchoolHouse Rock Clinic, a game on Science Rock from the SchoolHouse Rock Series, with small groups of students as an introduction to this computer program. If this software is unavailable to the teacher, select another software that covers body systems and their jobs. If no software is available to the teacher, a matching game could be made matching body systems and their jobs.

4. Next, place The Clinic, Science Rock, at a computer for independent use for at least two weeks making sure every student has the chance to play the game several times.

5. Students in pairs trace their bodies on butcher block paper and put in at least five of the body systems in the appropriate area of the body.


Observe students' drawings and the labeling of their bodies.

1) Students help each other trace their body outlines on paper.

2) Students must label at least five body systems.

3) Students will write a sentence for each body system explaining its function.
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