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Skittles™ Count

Carole Mason


Students will count Skittles™ then use the numbers to find the relationships among fractions, decimals, and percent.


The student understands that numbers can be represented in a variety of equivalent forms, including integers, fractions, decimals, percents, scientific notation, exponents, radicals, and absolute value.


- Individual packages of Skittles™
- Skittles™ chart (see attached file)
- Pencil or pen


1. Obtain individual packages of Skittles™ Make sure bags are of original or sour Skittles™.
2. Create own or print out worksheet from associated file. (one per student).


1. Ask students what colors are used for both M&M’s™ and Skittles™? (list on board)

2. Put students into groups of fours.

3. Distribute packages of Skittles to each student.

4. Distribute chart to each individual. (see associated file).

5. Tell students not to open the bag of Skittles until they are told to.

6. Tell individual students to open bags of candy, and use the chart to record the number of each color, and add the numbers together to find out the total number of Skittles in their bags. (worksheet ‘Part One’) *Remember, no eating yet!*

7. Ask one student from each group to tell the total number of Skittles and number of red Skittles in their bag. List on board.

8. Explain and model to students how they will find the fraction of the red Skittles.

9. Explain and model to students how they will change the fraction to a decimal.

10. Explain and model changing the decimal to a percentage.

11. Tell students to complete all of the computations for their red pieces of candy after you have completed your model.

12. Tell students to complete the rest of ‘Part One’ on the chart. (group members can help each other if necessary)

13. Tell students to work individually to complete ‘Part Two’ by recording the comparisons of the highest and lowest percentages of each color recorded in their group.

14. Tell students to discuss whether they were surprised by the differences.

15. Tell students to complete ‘Part Three’ on their worksheet.

16. Select one student from each group to present their final numbers for ‘Part Three’ and to explain how they calculated the numbers.

17. Tell each student selected to make his presentation.

18. Tell students to turn in worksheets.

19. Tell students to enjoy the Skittles™!

20. Assess the worksheets.


Assess each student's worksheet for correct computations. Note those that have difficulty changing percents into fractions or decimals. This lesson doesn't address scientific notation, exponents, radicals and absolute values.


Extend this lesson by using the Skittles™ information for a graphing lesson.

Web Links

The company lists that there is 20% of each color in the bag. Did the students find that to be true? It is up to individual teachers to decide how to use the Skittles product information in their classes. The website changes frequently. The site is for general information.
Skittles Homepage

Attached Files

A worksheet for Skittles Count     File Extension: pdf

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