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Deep Blue Sea

Sharon Ussery
Hardee County Schools


Would you like to live under the sea or on land? Come and explore with us as we take a look at some of our animal friends and the plants that they live with.


The student knows plants and animals that live in a particular habitat (for example, black bears in the forest, whales in the ocean, camels in the desert, ducks in the wetlands).


-Deep Blue Sea T-Chart (See Associated File)
-Animal and plant pictures (See Associated File)
-Book: Zion, Gene. [Harry by the Sea]. New York: Harper & Row, 1976.
-Chart paper
-A set of colored markers


1. Obtain a copy of [Harry by the Sea] by Gene Zion.
2. Copy T-Chart, animal and plant pictures, one set per student. (See Associated File)
3. Gather all necessary supplies.
4. Laminate T-Chart and pictures for future use (optional).


1. Read [Harry by the Sea] to the students.

2. Talk about what kind of plants and animals live in the ocean and live on land.

3. As the students generate plant and animal names, write the names on chart paper to generate a group list of animals that live in the ocean and live on land.

1. Explain the procedures for playing the game “Stand Up, Sit Down:” The teacher says or shows a picture of plants or animal that live in the ocean or on land. The students then stand up if the plant or animal lives in the ocean or sits down if the animal lives on land.

2. The teacher demonstrates the correct answer after 5 seconds so that the students have feedback.

3. Play the game.

4. Distribute to each child one T-Chart, and the animal and plant pictures. (You may want to laminate these ahead of time for future use.)

5. Instruct the students to sort and classify the 18 pictures of animals and plants using the T-Chart. This activity is a formative assessment to see if students know which plants and animals live in a particular habitat (ocean, land).


The student demonstrates his/her knowledge of plants and animals that live in the ocean and on land by sorting and classifying correctly sixteen out of eighteen pictures of plants and animals using the supplied T-Chart.


1. Compare plants and animals that live in salt water versus freshwater.
2. Compare plants and animals that live in different climates, i.e. desert versus Arctic.

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