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Who Is Eating Whom?

Jennifer Ueberroth
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students create connecting food webs using organisms of their own choice. Students list and draw the organisms, then connect them according to their feeding behaviors. This lesson plan allows students to use their artistic talents.


The student knows of the great diversity and interdependence of living things.


-Poster board, one sheet per student
-Copies of Assessment Rubric for each student (See Associated File)
-Pictures of different types of organisms


1. Gather magazines with photographs of organisms to show students and cut out pictures.
2. Get poster board and markers together to pass out to students.
3. Clear off a space on the wall to display the students' projects.
4. Make copies of the Assessment Rubric, one per student. (See Associated File)


1. Ask the students where they think they belong on the food chain. Guide them to the correct response that we are consumers as well as omnivores. (Students should know these terms from previous chapter discussions.)

2. Show the students pictures of different types of organisms.

3. As you hold up each picture, ask the students if the picture shows a producer or consumer. If the picture is of a consumer, ask if the organism is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

4. Explain to the students that they are going to list and draw ten different types of organisms and construct a food web of these organisms. They will then connect the organisms to each other with arrows, beginning with producers and ending with consumers. Tell the students to place the name of each organism underneath the drawing and label each organism as a producer or consumer.

5. Distribute materials (poster board and markers).

6. Walk around the room and assist students as they work on their projects.

7. After the students complete their posters, ask them to guess what their web would look like if it only contained one producer and nine consumers.

8. Explain to the students what happens to an energy level as it is passed up the food chain.

9. Encourage the students to compare and share their food webs with other students to allow for discussion and appropriate feedback.

10. Hang up the food webs in the classroom so the students may see their projects displayed.


Use the Assessment Rubric in the associated file to formatively assess this standard.

Attached Files

This file contains the Assessment Rubric.     File Extension: pdf

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