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Carson Ealy, Jr.
Gadsden County Schools


This lesson provides students with activities to assist them in determining the mean, mode, and median of given data.


The student finds the mean, median, and mode of a set of data using raw data, tables, charts, or graphs.


-Activity sheets (See Associated File)


1. Write the definition of the terms on the board or overhead projector.
2. Copy the activity sheet for each student. (See associated file)
3. Run copies of the assessment
4. Sharpen Pencils (1 per student)


Teacher-directed study:
1. Introduce the key vocabulary and meanings of mean, mode, median on the board/overhead. Ask students to simplify the meanings of mean, mode, and median. (Desired response: Mean-average, Mode-most frequent number, median- middle number)

2. Have students respond to: How would one go about determining the mean of these numbers? 8, 19, 3, 10, 45 , 22? The desired response is: Add each of the numbers (a sum of 102). Then count the numbers added (6). Finally, divide 102 by 6 which equals 17. The mean or average is 17.

3. Continue with this practice. Write on the board/transparency these numbers: 6, 7, 2, 61, 11, 23, 30. Ask students to determine the MEAN. The teacher circulates, checking and assisting students. Repeat this procedure for mode and median. Suggested practice problem for mode: 37, 35, 34, 24, 27, 35 (the most frequent number is 35) Students find the Median (number in middle) of: 100 ,90 ,85, 80, 75, 65 (the median is 80).

4. Distribute student assessment sheets (see associated file) and pencils.

5. Allow time for students to complete the assessment.

6. Collect assessment sheets.


In this formative assessment students solve 10 problems involving mean, mode, and median. Students should work their problems on the paper so that critical/creative thinking processes may also be assessed.


1.Have students make a display scrapbook or poster demonstrating their knowledge of mean, mode, and median.
2.Challenge students to draw a term from a bag and demonstrate the meaning of the selected word.
3. Play the Mean, Mode, Median Bingo Game

Attached Files

A worksheet for the assessment of mean, median, mode.     File Extension: pdf

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