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Follow the Pattern

Rita Williams


Students recognize patterns & relationships and use them predict outcomes in real-world situations. (This lesson should be conducted after students have been introduced to patterns.)


The student predicts outcomes based on patterns.

The student finds patterns in real-world situations.

The student describes relationships and patterns using words, tables, symbols, variables, expressions, or equations.


-Student activity sheets (see attached file)
-Rubric (see attached file)


1. Download the attached file with the student activity sheets and rubric.
2. Make copies of the student activity sheets and rubric for each student.


1. In order to get the students engaged, have them complete the sheet entitled Patterns Galore. Give them 2 minutes to complete. This should get their adrenaline flowing!

2. Go over the correct answers as a class. Use this time to review their knowledge of patterns.

3. Discuss how patterns are used in the real world. For instance, people in the business world use patterns to predict sales. Those in the fashion industry use patterns to predict fashion trends. Doctors use patterns to diagnose illnesses. Inform them that they are going to look at some real-world situations and analyze them using their knowledge of patterns.

4. Review your rules on how to be an effective communicator. Let students know they will be assessed on this goal.

5. Distribute the sheet entitled, Follow the Pattern, and the rubric.

6. Review the rubric.

7. Give them 20 minutes to complete Follow the Pattern. As students work, circulate and offer feedback and guidance. Mentally note those who are having great difficulty. They may need additional help and feedback at a different time.

8. As a closing activity, faciliate a discussion on what skills they used to recognize the patterns. You might ask how many of them are able to immediately recognize patterns and relationships. How many are not? Can the ones who immediately recognize them offer advice to the others?

9. Collect their Follow the Pattern sheets and assess them with the rubric.


Each student will complete the activity sheet entitled, Follow the Pattern. These will be formatively assessed using the attached rubric. The rubric will only assess the specified GLEs. It will not the assess the entire benchmark.


After students have been introduced to one- & two-step equations, they will be ready for the Beacon lesson plan entitled "Gummy vs. Gum," which further explores number patterns. (See weblinks)

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Attached Files

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