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Cell Cycle Movie

Mark Howell


Students draw on previous knowledge and create hand-held flip books that show a cell going through the motions of the cell cycle.


The student knows that body structures are uniquely designed and adapted for their function.


-White paper
-Colored pencils


1. The class must discuss, prior to this lesson, the stages of the cell cycle.
2. The instructor either has to make a sample flip book, or find another professional who has done one, so the students can see what one looks like.
3. The markers, colored pencils, white paper, stapler, and scissors must be gathered and made available for the students for the activity.


1. Review the cell cycle process with students, which should have been discussed prior to this lesson. (G1 phase-the cell grows intensely; S phase-the cell makes a copy of its chromosomes; G2 phase-the cell continues to grow; Prophase-chromosomes coil up, nucleus breaks, spindle fibers form; Metaphase-chromosomes line up in the center of the cell and spindle fibers attach to the chromosomes; Anaphase-chromosomes are pulled apart and spindle fibers break down; Telophase-each side of the cell has a complete set of chromosomes similar to the originals and a nucleus forms around the chromosomes; Cytokinesis-the cytoplasm is pinched in two, creating two new cells identical to the original cell.)

2. Explain to the class they will be creating a small “movie” that shows a cell going through the cell cycle phases. Inform the class that they can see the phases by viewing the Websites listed below. (See Weblinks) Write the Websites on the board and keep them up so all can see while they are working.

3. Show the class a flip book “movie” that has been previously made by you or by another professional so they get the idea.

4. Encourage the class to create an accurate series of pictures of the cell and its inside parts as it follows through the cell cycle process.


The flip book “movies” are assessed on their accuracy of illustration of the cell cycle. They must have the phases of the cell cycle in order, and show how the organelles inside the cell, chromosomes, and spindle fibers function during the cell cycle.


Include an extra book for the process of meiois.

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Web supplement for Cell Cycle Movie

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