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Noah's Ark, Revisited

Rebecca Endrelunas


To become familiar with endangered species' habitats and characteristics, students will design, present, and evaluate a visual presentation (kiosk or website) for a specific endangered species. This is similar to the real-world model of Busch Gardens.


The student understands that the amount of life any environment can support is limited and that human activities can change the flow of energy and reduce the fertility of the Earth.


- Print resources from media center:
[Endangered Species: Opposing Viewpoints] by Helen Cothran, Editor. Greenhaven Press, 2001.
[Saving Endangered by Alvin Silverstein, Franklin Watts, Inc., 1993. [Endangered Mammals of North America] by Victoria Sherrow, Twenty First Century Publishers, 1995.
[The Condor's Shadow: The Loss and Recovery of Wildlife in America] by David Samuel Wilcove, May 2002.
[Endangered Oceans: Opposing Viewpoints] by William Dudley, Editor, Greenhaven Press, 1999.
[Last of the Wild: Vanished and Vanishing Giants of the Animal World by Robert M.McClung, Linnet Books, 1997.
[The Atlas of Endangered Species] by John A. Burton, Editor, 1998.
All books are vavailable through

-Internet subscription databases:
Grolier Online -
-Internet sites: listed in Weblinks


1. Schedule five days (five 86-minute blocks) in media center for research and presentation.
2. Discuss issues and problems of endangered animals from article, Restoring our Wildlife Legacy (Gale Student Resource Center), with students, i.e. restoring wildlife, recovery planning, environmental recovery, cloning.
3. Pair ESE and ESOL students with other students who do not share similar challenges.
4. Illustrate creating a computer kiosk presentation using MS PowerPoint (making hyperlinks).
5. Copy the evaluation rubric score sheet for students.


1. Discuss the importance of wildlife's survival as their environments are threatened.

2. Student assignment instructions: Working in groups of two, assume the role of zoologist working as a curator for animals at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. There is a grant available where you could be awarded a rare pair of animals that are on the endangered list. You must create a presentation that will prove to the donors that you have the best understanding of the needs of the animals and will provide an environment where the pair will flourish and breed. Use PowerPoint to create a kiosk presentation or create a website to present your information. Your presentation must include the following things:
-General information on the animal
-Criteria for selecting this animal, and endangered classification
-Events and circumstances which led to the endangerment and any adaptations animal has made
-Natural habitat
-Plans for habitat at Busch Gardens
-Feeding in the wild
-Nutritional requirements and feeding plan in captivity
-Breeding habits in natural environment
-Plan for breeding and expectations for survival
-All other considerations
-Appropriate graphics
-Last plea: Why should the donors choose Busch Gardens as recipient of the grant?

3. Teacher illustrates creating kiosk presentations using PowerPoint and follows with class discussion of attractive, appropriate components of PowerPoint presentations or websites.

4. Students create kiosk (non-linear presentation with hyperlinks) using PowerPoint or a website.

5. Students present projects.

6. Students use rubric for self-evaluation and student project evaluation.


Use the rubric in the associated file to assess the student's work.


1. This lesson addresses Bloom's Taxonomy in the following manner:
Questioning Strategies (Higher Order Thinking Skills):
As evidenced in presentation:
Knowledge- Investigation for selection of animal and general information
Comprehension- Explanation of events and circumstances leading to endangered classification of animal
Application- Plan for habitat, feeding, and care in captivity
Analysis- Reason for selection of specific species for project
Synthesis- Prediction for breeding and offspring
Evaluation- Justification of award by donor

2. This lesson addresses the following Design Qualities found in [Shaking up the School House] by Phillip C. Schlechty, Jossey-Bass Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2001:
Content and Substance
Clear and Compelling Product Standards
Organization of Knowledge
Product Focus
Affirmation of Performance
Protection from Adverse Consequences

3. Create a home page for website or intranet site linking to all kiosks by species for catalog of endangered animals.

4. Technology Standards
-Use technology tools and resources for managing and communicating personal/professional information.
-Routinely and efficiently use on-line information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publication, communication, and productivity.
-Collaborate with peers, experts, and others to contribute to a content-related knowledge base by using technology to compile, synthesize, produce, and disseminate information, models, and other creative works.

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