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Measuring Up

Tabitha Kosmas
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students measure various amounts of liquid while exploring the different capacities of a cup, a pint, a quart and a gallon. Students measure the correct quantities of punch ingredients and make the punch.


The student solves problems involving units of measure and converts answers to a larger or smaller unit within either the metric or customary system.


-Overhead projector and pens
-Measuring containers of various sizes and shapes
-Punch ingredients (Sprite, grape juice, pineapple juice, chocolate ice cream and gummy worms)
-Cup for each student
-Containers for punch
-Can opener
-Sponges or paper towels for cleaning up
-Conversion Worksheet, one per group (See Associated File)
-Conversion Quiz, one per student (See Associated File)
-Overhead transparency of Customary Conversions (See Associated File)


1. Gather various measuring containers.
2. Obtain water for students to practice measuring.
3. Gather necessary punch ingredients. Note: Decide ahead of time if each student group will make a full recipe of the punch, or if the punch recipe needs to be modified. (The Conversion Worksheet in the associated file contains the Creep Crawly Punch recipe.)
4. Obtain punch containers and can opener (if necessary).
5. Obtain cups for each student.
6. Copy the Conversion Worksheet for student groups. (See Associated File)
7. Create overhead transparency of the Customary Conversions. (See Associated File)
8. Copy one Conversion Quiz for each student. (See Associated File)


1. Discuss various measurements of liquids--a cup of coffee, a gallon of milk, etc.

2. Use the Customary Conversions transparency to go over measurement conversions with the students--number of cups to a pint, pints to a quart, etc.

3. Discuss the empty containers and the amount of liquid each container holds.

4. Divide the students into two or three groups (depending on class size). Have the students practice their conversions with the water and the empty containers.

5. Make sure that the students realize that they have to fill the containers to the correct line.

6. Tell the students to use a cup to fill up the pint, then pint containers to fill quarts, etc.

7. After the students can accurately measure the water, hand out the Conversion Worksheet to each group. (See Associated File)

8. Once the students have completed the Conversion Worksheet and it has been checked for accuracy (See Assessments), have them measure out the ingredients to make the punch. (The Creep Crawly Punch recipe is located on the Conversion Worksheet.)

9. Remind the students that if they use too much or too little of an ingredient the punch will not turn out correctly.

10. Once the groups complete their punch, the teacher should taste test each punch.

11. Allow the students to drink their punch.


1. In this formative assessment, each group's Conversion Worksheet should be checked for accuracy and if students had difficulty with conversions, the teacher should demonstrate the first conversion then observe students completing the other conversions.

2. An individual Conversion Quiz (See Associated File) is also included. Each student should complete the quiz independently. This will provide a look at each student's understanding of the conversions included in this lesson.


The recipes can be altered to fit in with whatever holiday is close. (For example, instead of using gummy worms for Halloween, use candy hearts for Valentines Day).
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