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Scientific Who's Who

Lisa Locklin
Santa Rosa District Schools


The student will choose a scientist from a specific culture or time period to research.The student will address the scientist's scientific, mathematical, or technological contribution and the effect of the contribution on human culture in a report.


The student understands that contributions to the advancement of science, mathematics, and technology have been made by different kinds of people, in different cultures, at different times and are an intrinsic part of the development of human culture.

The student uses a variety of technologies to collect, analyze, and report scientific findings.


Library Resources
Internet Resources (Optional)
Pencil or Pen
Computer for Word Processing (Optional)
Index cards


1. Print and copy cultural and time-period list, research data, and rubric from the attached file, one copy of each for each student.
2. Set up time/s for the students to visit the school library.


1. The students will choose a scientist from a specific time period OR culture to research. The students will be provided with a list of cultures and time period from which to choose.
2. The students will do library research and/or internet research to address specific reasearch prompts concerning the scientist, his or her life, and his or her discovery or research.
3. The teacher will need to collect index cards or a rough draft after the initial research session to ensure that the students are on the right track.
4. The students will write their papers using specific research prompts.
5. The students will present their paper to the class.


The students will need to turn in their papers and present their papers to the class. The students will be assessed using the attached rubric.
The teacher may choose to add to the assessment specific criteria for length of papers, grammar, spelling, etc.; he or she may also want to work with the Language Arts teacher(s) to give the students a grade for their writing skills.
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