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Web of Life

Sherri Barber
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students investigate using the Internet as their tool to learn about the food web and construct a food web in which Alaska is their basis of research. Students then construct their own food web after researching a habitat of their choice.


The student knows that life on earth is dependent upon a continuous supply of energy from the sun.

The student understands that individual food chains occur within a food web and that both show the flow of energy.

The student understands the consequences that might result when changes occur in populations.

The student knows possible causes for a species to become threatened, endangered, or extinct.


-Resource books
-Access to a computer, Internet, and printer
-Poster board
-Crayola colored markers or/and colored pencils
-Web of Life Activity handout and Project Sheet (See Associated File)


1. Arrange time to take students to computer lab and media center.
2. Make copies of Web of Life Activity handout and Project Sheet. (See Associated File)
3. Gather materials for project or make that the students' responsibility.
4. Post a list of Internet resources for students to use. (See Weblinks)


Students should have prior knowledge of the following:
food chain, producer, consumer, decomposer, photosynthesis, endangered, habitat

1. Have students watch movie and take quiz about food chain using the Brain POP Internet site (See Weblink). When you get to the site you will select the movie, food chains. Students can take the quiz while they are waiting for the movie to download. It doesn't take much time to download. It takes about five minutes to complete the movie and quiz. The movie and quiz are a good review of terms and introduces the concept of the food web.

2. Give each student a Web of Life Activity handout. (See Associated File)

3. Put students in groups at computer to investigate the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game website (See Weblink) to gather information to create the food web from the Web of Life Activity handout. Once students reach the website, they go to Education, then Just For Kids, and then Notebook Series. They choose the organism that they want to research and then click on its name to read information about that organism. If a group finishes before you are ready to work with them as a class, you can have them investigate to add on more to their food web.

4. Construct the food web for the handout on the chalkboard with the studentsí assistance. Encourage students to add to the food web.

5. Go over the discussion questions 1-5 from the Web of Life Activity handout (See Associated File) with the students.

6. Put students back in groups to investigate the answer to question six on the Web of Life Activity handout using the same website as before. You can assign just one organism for each group to investigate if time does not permit for them to investigate all four. Bring class back together to share their findings and ideas.

7. Give each student a Web of Life Project Sheet. (See Associated File)

8. Review the directions and questions for the project with the students.

9. Assign this project to be turned in at a later date but use the directions to formulate a timeline with the students in completing the project.

10. With the studentsí assistance, brainstorm some possible habitats that could be researched and list them to be posted for further reference in selecting a habitat.

11. Assign the project to be done in groups or individually.

12. In addition to working on the project at home, designate time in class to do research, use computer, and work on poster. This way you can give assistance as they have questions.


As a formative assessment, observe students as they research to gather information for their projects. Also check for understanding as students answer questions for the Web of Life Activity handout.
Students receive a summative grade for the Project based on their answers to the Web of Life Project questions.


1. Gather pictures of the organisms listed on the Web of Life Activity Handout to post where the students can see.

2. Make copies of information about the organisms listed for question 6 on the Web of Life Activity Handout from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game website (See Weblink). Put students in groups to read the information and formulate their own ideas in answering question 6. They can use highlighters to highlight the key information that they used to formulate their ideas.Then have groups share their ideas.

3. Science journal idea-Have students respond to the comment, -When you eat, you're eating sunlight-at least indirectly, anyway!- This statement was one of the notes that flashed up during the quiz on the Brain POP website(See Weblink).

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