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Our Lifeline Pump

Jacquelyn Fils


Students explore the exterior and interior of the human heart, and look at terminology related to the heart.


The student knows that body structures are uniquely designed and adapted for their function.


-Two-three large human heart models---- NASCO Health Educational Materials
- Three tables
-Video “The Circulatory System”---Anatomy & Physiology Series by NIMCO
-Handouts----- #1 -A list of the parts of the heart
and their locations.-(see Weblinks)
#2 Wordfind Puzzle---Structure
of the heart--(see Weblinks)
-Anatomical Wall Chart---NASCO Health Educational Materials


1. Review circulatory system text.
2. View circulatory video.
3. Insure all equipment, software and supplies are available and operable.
4. Prepare handouts #1 and #2.


Session 1: Our Lifeline Pump

1. Ask students what part of our bodies is considered our Lifeline Pump. After discussion clarify inaccurate responses. Inform the students that they will be learning the parts of the human heart by exploring the exterior and interior structures, and the terminology as it relates to the heart.

2. Introduce students to the heart models. Tell them that the heart that they see drawn of a Valentine is not really the shape of our hearts. Our heart is shaped more like an upside-down pear. Let the students inspect the models. Briefly explain what the heart does and why it is called the lifeline.

3. Divide students into groups of three, and assign each group to a heart model. Give each student handout #1 --A list of the parts of the heart and their locations. (interior and exterior) Instruct the students to view and study the exterior of the heart’s models. Inform them to use the handouts to locate the exterior parts. Instruct them to disassemble the heart models; view and study the interior. Tell them to use handout #1 as a guide to locate the parts parts of the heart. This should take about 30 minutes.

4. Review parts of the heart with students' involvement, utilizing the Video, “Circulatory System,” and the Anatomical Wall Chart for further clarification.

5. Give each student handout #2 -Wordfind puzzle, and tell them to continue to work in groups or individually and brainstorm handout #1 and solve handout #2 puzzles.

6. Tell students to take handouts home, and use as a study guide.


Each student will identify with correct spelling, the parts of the heart as they relate to their anatomical locations. (See Associated File for a copy of the worksheet to be used.)


This lesson addresses only the structure of the heart. An extension of this lesson will address function as related to its structure.

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