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Improving the Quality of Life

Carson Ealy, Jr.
Gadsden County Schools


This lesson focuses on contributions made by individuals of diverse backgrounds in medicine, science and technology.


The student uses electronic technology including databases and software to gather information and communicate new knowledge.

The student chooses reference materials appropriate to research purpose.

The student knows selected scientists and their accomplishments.


-Scoring Rubric (See Associated File)
-Biographies, books, Internet sites, other resources of scientists/inventors
-Construction paper
-Project Display boards
-Computer with Internet access and Powerpoint
-Masking tape
-Project Paper
-Video Camera


1. Develop guidelines for the research paper, oral presentation and display (designed according to teacherís need).
2. Develop a scoring rubric for the research paper, oral presentation and display that assesses the guidelines established. A sample Scoring Rubric is provided in the associated file. It may be copied as is, or adapted to fit the specific guidelines established.
3. Prepare a list of inventors, scientists, doctors as a supplement. (See Associated File for sample list)


1. Students brainstorm a list of scientists, doctors and inventors on the board.

2. Students construct a plan for conducting their research project in a word processing program. They submit the plan for teacher review and individual student conferences are set to address problems and concerns noted by teacher/student.

3. From the list, students select a scientist or inventor to research.

4. Students read guidelines for research paper, oral presentation and display in cooperative group setting and discuss.

5.Periodic student conferences are held to discuss problems, concerns in the developing research paper and display.

6.Students videotape oral presentations and displays to develop a documentary of their scientist, doctor and inventor. (The videotapes can be incorporated into a slide show presentation using software such as Powerpoint.)


Note: The following criteria reflect some of the guidelines found on the Scoring Rubric in the associated file. If different guidelines are established to fit the needs of the class, the assessment criteria should reflect those guidelines instead.

1. The Research Paper is scored for the following:
a. contributions-making sure students address all contributions
b. organization-students write using conventional English
c. bibliography-must include 5 resources from a variety of types

2. The Oral Presentation is scored for:
a. audience acceptance
b. evidences of advance preparation
c. appropriate time frame (7-8 minutes)

3. The Display is scored for:
a. heading
b. appearance
c. relevance to person researched


1. Have students research contributions of other cultures in medicine, technology and science, make comparisons of the approaches used in the discoveries, and develop a document of findings.
2. Modification : Use the standard strategies for the ESOL and ESE students.

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