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Animals and Their Biomes

Mary Lirette


Using biome and animal flashcards, the learner will categorize the animals according to the biome in which they naturally live in with 100% accuracy.


The student knows some characteristics of different environments and some plants and animals found there.


-Biome Category Signs
-Biome flashcards
-Animal flashcards


1. A sign, or "Biome Header," should be made for each major biome that will be identified during this lesson. The headers will be taped onto the chalkboard so that the students can place each animal under the appropriate category.
2. If the classroom has internet access, the class can use website to research animals and their biomes prior to the lesson.
3. The attached pictures of biomes and animals need to be printed out and cut into flashcards for the students to use during the lesson.


1. Greet the class

2. Inform students that in today's lesson they will learn about animals and the environments in which they naturally live.

3. Discuss the definition of a biome and describe major biomes of the Earth:
A biome is a community of plants and animals that live in a particular region and climate.
Some of Earth's biomes include:
Desert biomes- very dry, hot or cold
Grassland biomes- windy, few trees, savanna or prairies
Tropical Rainforest biome- very warm and wet, full of trees
Marine biome- the oceans and seas
Arctic biome- very cold, often covered in snow
Forest biome- often has fertile soil, several trees, cool and warm

4. Show the students each of the biome pictures.

5. Ask the students to name different kinds of animals that live in these biomes. Encourage the students to think of animals that can be found in all biomes such as the desert, the rainforest, etc.

6. Use the animal flashcards to identify the names of each animal and the biome the animal lives in.

7. Place the "Biome headers" and pictures on the board, and have the students take turns correctly placing the animal flashcard pictures under the appropriate heading. For example, an elephant would be placed under the Grassland Biome heading.

8. Discuss with the students the characteristics needed in order for these animals to survive in their particular natural biome.


Students will be asked to think about the biome they live in and list three characteristics of their biome. In addition, the students will list 5 animals they see on a daily basis who live in that biome. For example, Memphis, Tennessee, is located in the Deciduous Forest Biome and animals such as squirrels and raccoons can be found here.

Web Links

This site decribes various biomes and the animals that live in them.

Attached Files

Biome Flashcards     File Extension:  pdf

Animal Flashcards     File Extension:  pdf

Animal Flashcards Part 2     File Extension:  pdf
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