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Interrelationships Within the Marine Community

Summer Zephyr
Bay District Schools


Students create an electronic story showing the interrelationship of species within the marine environment.


The student knows of the great diversity and interdependence of living things.

The student knows that the world ecosystems are shaped by physical factors that limit their productivity.


-Destination:Ocean by Imagination Express
-386 or better IBM computer
-256 color monitor
-Sound output device
-Color printer


1.Teacher learns to use Destination:Ocean
2.Prepare story sample and rubric.
3. Prepare speech rubric, group rubric.


1. Teacher instructs students in use of Destination:Ocean program.
2. Students work in groups of three (20 minutes).
3. Students given opportunity to -play- with program (one class period).
4. Students gather information about marine communities (tide pools, coral reefs, estuaries, kelp beds,deep ocean, sandy shores) from various sources such as computer encylcopedia, textbook, the Destination:Ocean program, and Internet.
5. Students compile data in written outline or use mind mapping technique. Students write story line using facts to supplement storyline of creative story developed by the collaborative efforts of the group.
6. Students divide up duties to create story. These duties may be rotated among the three members of group. Researcher-checks Fact book or other reference material for information to integrate into story.
Recorder-enters text on pages as goup decides what to write.
Illustrator-works with background and stickers to create page design.
Editor/Proofreader- revises and checks grammar and punctuation. Then rewrites.
7. Group members make hard copy and electronic story. They present to class orally.


The group created story will be assessed by this criteria:
-Story shows diversity and interdependence of living things.
-Story shows how the physical factors of the environment limit their productivity.
-Student is able to answer audience questions about the interdependence of the living things in his story and how the physical factors of the environment affect the characters' productivity.
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