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Who Am I? (Middle School)

Timothy Mark Dillehay
Lee County School District


Students complete a classroom game used to build understanding of two and three-dimensional shapes. Diagonals, sides, regularity, congruency, Angle measurements, parallels, perpendicular, faces, edges, and word pre-fixes are a few of the vocabulary reviewed.


The student understands the basic properties of, and relationships pertaining to, regular and irregular geometric shapes in two- and three-dimensions.


-Copy of "Who Am I Question" sheet for each student.
-One copy of Teacher Answers
-One set of (22) Clue cards


Make copies of materials listed.


1. Start with this warm up activity using a twenty dollar bill. The teacher tells the students they are only allowed one guess each for this game. Hint: You may want to save your guess until you are certain there is no other item I could be. (Don't tell them you are a One-dollar bill)

2. Teacher says, "I have white hairs and am very old"

3. Teacher explains not to guess yet, because I could be a number of things.
i.e. A farmer with rabbits, Yyourgrandmother, or many older people.

4. Teacher says, "I am rectangular."

5. Teacher takes raised hands if there are students willing to guess so soon. If the student is wrong, mention that you want to wait until you know your answer must be right.

6. Teacher says, "I am made of paper."

7. Teacher says, "I am used to buy things."

8. Teacher says, "I am the value of ten dimes."

9. After steps 6-9, answer each students raised hand. If someone is to get the correct answer before reaching the last clue, explain to them that they could have guessed a twenty dollar bill, and been wrong.

10. Teacher says, "Today we are going to play Who Am I Geometry style. Each student is going to get a card with several clues on it. When it is their turn, they are going to stand up and read one clue at a time, pausing between the reading of each clue. While the student is pausing, I will call on any student who has a guess. Remember you only get one guess each game, so save your guess until you are certain. When the correct guess is mentioned, that student will earn a point."

11. Pass out all the cards.

12. Call on students who guess after each clue is read.

13. When any answer is incorrect tell the students to watch how the next clue could have helped them see that their answer is wrong.

14. Continue until the correct title is mentioned. If the correct title is given before all the glues are read, have the reader read the remaining clues.

15. Pass out another card. You want to have the person who guessed correctly be the next reader. Use a different selection method if this does not get most students involved.

16. Continue steps 11-15 until all cards have been played.

17. Distribute the "Who Am I Questions?".

18. Read through the sheet with the students. Have students answer the questions out loud in class, then allow them time to complete the sheet.

19. Collect the sheet.


Use completed “Who Am I Questions” (associated file) to formatively assess the student’s ability to understand the review game and identify two and three-dimensional shapes by their characteristics.
Acceptable work is both:
(1) Class participation in the game.
(2) Answer each question from the "Who am I questions Sheet".
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